Acura TLX Spark Plugs at Bill Gatton Acura near Johnson City 37601

The spark plugs on newer vehicles can last nearly a decade before being replaced, but older models don’t have the same advantage. Spark plugs are something many people neglect to regularly maintain. Whether old or new, it’s important to check your Acura TLX spark plugs near Johnson City 37601, every six months because a damaged spark plug can impair your fuel efficiency or even cause internal damage to your engine. This means it’s important to get them checked at least twice a year and Bill Gatton Acura near Johnson City 37601 is always happy to do so!

While everyone has most likely heard of a spark plug, not everyone knows its function. Generally used to deliver an electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber, it’s imperative that these metal threaded shells are functioning at high capacity. They’re comprised of several parts that may become damaged throughout the years, from the central electrode to the porcelain insulator. The central electrode usually has a resistor and a heavily insulated wire that reaches the ignition coil – electrically grounded, this system is a tried and true way to get engines humming at the turn of a key, or the push of a button!

A lot can be determined from inspecting the Acura [model}’s spark plugs near Johnson City, including the conditions within a running engine. The tip of a spark plug can take on several different appearances, all of which remark on build-up and conditions inside the cylinders. The wrong spark plug can lead to several different issues, considering that they are created to work in tandem with your engine. Opting for one with the wrong cold or hot index can cause premature ignition, can hurt performance and gas mileage, and can also cause dirt and grime build-up within your engine. Inappropriate functioning can occur without any notice, either, which is one more reason that bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance to Bill Gatton Acura near Johnson City 37601 is highly encouraged!

Our professional and knowledgeable technicians are well-versed in the needs of your TLX and, thanks to our in-store parts department, we always have the original manufacturer part on hand to replace you old one, should that be necessary. Convenient service hours and speedy service appointments also make for enjoyable stops! Come chat with our friendly staff at Bill Gatton Acura while we change your oil, rotate your tires, and get eyes on those Acura TLX spark plugs near Johnson City. We’ll keep your vehicle running in tip-top condition, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs in the future! We hope to see you soon!

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